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Health is the most valuable asset. Therefore, a sensitive handling before, during and after surgery is one important condition to achieve a high quality of life.

A stay in a rehabilitation clinic can help to maintain, to improve and to regain this important property. Therefore, the medical rehabilitation is an integral part of the therapy in Germany. Thus, we offer a diverse range of rehabilitation and regeneration facilities with excellent experts and highest quality standards.

Our facilities with an integrated physiotherapy and rehabilitation department are located in one of the leading health regions in Germany: in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. Take advantage of the well developed health network in this country. The beautiful nature offers you a lot of reflective, surprising and quiet moments. Enjoy the mild climate while walking along the coast or strolling through green meadows. Such tours are good deeds for your respiratory tracts because the bracing climate is like wellness for your nose, your bronchi and your skin. Be enhanced by the sweet smell of the rape fields and discover castles or manor houses. Moreover, wellness and relaxation awaits you and your accompaniment in extraordinary SPAS.

Surrounded by calmness you can experience unique treatments with regional products like moor or crayon. In addition, these high quality rehabilitation treatments are characterized by competent doctors and helpful nursing staff, a close cooperation with a therapist and an active involvement.

Measures of recovery and of protection concerning physical as well as mental abilities will be realized during your stay. Your personal diagnosis and the kind of surgery determine your treatment plan. The end of the stay symbolizes your new beginning, the return in your active life. Moreover, the stay should support you to find your way back in the business world, in the society and at least to learn how to live with chronic diseases.