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Saphir Radiosurgery Center Northern Germany

The modern, high-tech medical treatment with CyberKnife available at the Saphir Radiosurgery Centres in Frankfurt am Main and Güstrow, Germany guarantees the most modern therapy with the utmost patient comfort.

A balanced mix of years of experience, youthful innovation and a friendly atmosphere ensures individual consultation, outstanding therapy and pleasant after-care. The team accompanies its patients every step of the way from the initial consultation to individually tailored treatment for their specific case and on to aftercare. They work alongside many highly qualified doctors, medical physicists, medical technologists, nursing staff and through their partnerships with the University of Rostock, Lübeck, Greifswald and Kiel they aim to ensure that you, as a patient, can expect the very best standards of therapy.

Under the guidance of eminent physicians as the radiation therapist Prof. Guido Hildebrandt and Prof. Jürgen Dunst (President DEGRO), and outstanding engineers, as Prof. Achim Schweikard (first engineer of the CyberKnife) they guarantee your prompt, effective and safe treatment.

The clinic offers the following treatments:

  • Radiosurgery