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CyberKnife Radiosurgery – Modern Cancer Therapy in Northern Germany

High-precision radiotherapy, called radiosurgery, is becoming increasingly important for tumor treatment worldwide. One of the latest and most precise technologies for radiosurgery is the CyberKnife; a robotic steered image guided radiation delivery system that can treat many tumor types with the upmost sub-millimeter accuracy. The CyberKnife also has the highest patient comfort, since no fixation of the patient is necessary. In contrast to all other radiosurgery systems the CyberKnife adapts to the patient during treatment.

By delivering precisely focused high-energy radiation beams from many directions a destructive effect is deployed upon the cancer cells. Due to the upmost precision of the CyberKnife the surrounding healthy tissue is spared as much as possible. As the only system in the world the CyberKnife is capable of compensating breathing motion i.e. of lung or liver tumors in real time. The robotic system follows the respiratory motion precisely and delivers the radiation only to the tumor, so that it can be effectively and safely destroyed.

The concept

Before Therapy

The concept of the "Virtual Knife" (CyberKnife) allows a so called outpatient painless "Virtual Surgery". There are no complications caused by fixation, anesthesia or surgery, yet with similar destructive effects of the tumor. A hospital stay is not required. In many cases the treatment consist just of one session, but may expand to two to five sessions i.e. for lung and liver tumors to increase the biological effective dose to the tumor or to give the body  some time to regenerate. More than 140,000 patients worldwide have been treated with the CyberKnife, 40,000 alone 2011.

2 Months after CyberKnife

Indications for a CyberKnife radiosurgery are benign or malignant cranial and spinal tumors, tumors of the lung or the liver and in some selected cases, tumors of the eye, prostate, kidney and pancreas, and vascular malformations in the head or spine and trigeminal neuralgia. The CyberKnife is often used as primary therapy, but also used in combination with other treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery and as a last treatment option after (multiple) pretreatments. An interdisciplinary team of cancer specialists should always be involved in treatment recommendations for a CyberKnife radiosurgery.

The Saphir Radiosurgery Center Northern Germany in Güstrow

The Saphir Radiosurgery Center Northern Germany in Güstrow combines the latest high-tech medicine with human care. A balanced mixture of strong experience, young innovation and a family atmosphere guarantees individual counseling, high standard therapy and an excellent loving care for our patients. Through our extensive partnerships, particularly through our worldwide unique collaboration with 4 university clinics in Rostock, Lübeck, Kiel and Greifswald, we not only give our patients the optimal radiosurgery treatment but a complete therapy plan for the individual diagnosis. Under the leadership of our scientific and clinical advisory board, our outstanding physicians, such as the worldwide known radiation therapists Prof. Guido Hildebrandt (Rostock) and Prof. Jürgen Dunst (President of the German Radiation Oncology Society) and our outstanding technical experts such as Prof. Achim Schweikard (first engineer of the CyberKnife) an effective CyberKnife treatment at the highest level is guaranteed.

Information for CyberKnife radiosurgery: Innovative and highly precise cancer treatment

  • Painless and outpatient cancer treatment throughout the body with maximum possible patient comfort
  • Sub-millimeter precision with highly reliable robot control, advanced image guidance and innovative computer algorithms
  • Maximum efficiency in the fight against cancer with minimal exposure to healthy organs by individually optimized treatment plans and motion compensation during treatment
  • Strong experience with the CyberKnife technology by more than 250 CyberKnife installations and more than 140,000 treated patients worldwide!

About the Saphir Radiosurgery Center Northern Germany: The Treatment Begins with Optimism

  • Individual counseling and recommendations for all possible treatment options and combinations (not only CyberKnife) by our interdisciplinary expert teams (tumor boards)
  • Comprehensive oncological and radiation oncological care by our experienced and dedicated expert team of physicians, medical physicists, therapists and nurses
  • Safe and established treatments by using an internationally recognized treatment protocols that are optimized to your individual case
  • Optimal and complete therapy and care through extensive cooperation with local and regional universities, hospitals, clinics, physicians, health insurances, hotels and many more