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FDA: Immune Tx Monotherapy in Bladder Ca May Worsen Survival

Pembrolizumab, atezolizumab trials stop enrolling patients with low PD-L1

FDA Approves First Non-Opioid Drug to Treat Withdrawal Sx

Lofexidine OK'd with requirement of 15 postmarketing studies

Patients and High-Priced Specialty Drugs

A video commentary on what solutions would help patients

Feds Target E-Cig Liquids with Kid-Friendly Packaging

Brands resemble juice boxes, cookies, candy

Potentially Fatal Immune Reactions to Lamotrigine Draw FDA Warning

Eight serious events including one death since drug was approved in 1994

FDA Warns on Bulk Caffeine

Illegal to sell directly to consumers, agency says

FDA Warns Heart Patients Away from Clarithromycin

Antibiotic appears to raise mortality risk in users with heart disease

Would You Drink Raw Water? (The Independent</em>)

Health drink trend can yield acute and chronic risks

Report: FDA Failing on Dangerous Food Recalls (NPR</em>)

HHS report finds nearly two months pass before contaminated food gets recalled